Here is a look at my new blog I am publishing on my own website. Any followers from my page on Blogger can now start following here. I will continue updating both blogs for a while until I completely transition here.

This is an opportunity for you to take a closer look at some of my most recent photoshoots and my experimenting with photoshop and workshops. I hope you enjoy!
Hogle Zoo1
To start out things, here is a preview of some shots I took at the Hogle Zoo during a recent Zoo Photography Workshop. These are the pre-edited photos. Come back later to view the full set.
Hogle Zoo 2
Hogle Zoo 3
Hogle Zoo 4
Hogle Zoo 5

04/10/2010 6:21am

Beautiful pictures! Especially I like the first tiger, and the monkey.

Mary Shurtleff
04/10/2010 7:37am

These are amazing. I love them. You are so good at capturing the essence of the picture.

04/10/2010 8:11am

Hi there,
How are you? I must comment these are really nice photographs! Have you taken these snaps your self? Great if the answer is 'yes' then. I have not heard your name in whole life! So I don't know whether you are a celebrity wildlife photographer or not! But I must say here you have all the qualities to become a professional photographer.
Perhaps you have just created the site. Best wishes from my side.
Nice to see you have bought the domain too!!!
I have to buy one now!
Keep going!

04/10/2010 12:03pm

Your photos are beautiful.

Joanna Brusqe
04/10/2010 1:17pm

These photographs are beautiful. They capture the absolute majestic quality of these animals. The only issue is that when you portray the tigers behind their fences, it creates a feeling of unrest and makes us feel the pain of these gorgeous animals behind bars. If you were meaning to capture this than you have done it expertly. I have been a professional photographer for 38 years and in all my life I have only met three people who capture essence in their photographs like you.

05/12/2010 2:03am

Love your pictures,nice site,actually one of the best I've seen until now.

08/01/2011 8:46am

I love the one licking the paw. What a great shot!


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